Welcome to Golden Triangle Nails

Golden Triangle Nails is a bespoke nail salon located in the centre of Norwich and has been operated by Natalie since 2017.

Natalie is fully qualified and insured with over 7 years experience in the business. Natalie is passionate about the business, with a love of art from a young age. This love is represented in the variety of nail art created. Clients often request specific designs that not only provide a bespoke, individual final product but also demonstrate Natalie’s ability to work to new challenges and creations.

Golden Triangle Nails specialise in Gel Overlay of Natural Nails, using high-end products from Salon System GELLUX and The Gel Bottle Inc.

Golden Triangle Nails offer a personal experience with an individual one on one service. Length of appointments can vary, dependant on clients requirements. Please enquire through the Contact Us page for further information.


Within the first seven-day period following a fresh manicure, all repairs are free of charge at the next available appointment slot. Any repair after seven days from the appointment is £2 per nail.

Gel Polish

Products offered are Gellux by Salon System and The Gel Bottle Inc. Combined there are currently over 80 colours to choose from, which offers a variety of design options for the client to select from.


Removal of Gel polish is £5, unless Gel is being re-applied during the appointment. Removal of Builder Gel is £10.

Nail Art

Natalie prides herself on free-hand nail art that can be seen within the Gallery section. Use of other products such as: Chromes, Flakes and Blooming Gel are also used to create desired effects.

Press On Nails

To provide the client with an alternative product that combines individually designed nail art without the need to travel to the salon, Golden Triangle Nails also offers ‘Press on Nails’.

Each design is unique and can be either selected from existing stock, when available, or specially made to order.

Each Press on Nail set comes with twenty individual nail tips, which are made up of nine varied sizes. This allows a wide range of fitment to provide greater chance of fitment to each client.

For made to order sets, there are a variety of nail shapes available.

These are: Short Length Rounded, Short Length Square, Short Length Almond, Short Length Coffin and Long Oval.

A Picture of each Shape, will be sent to you for illustration. Bespoke sets contain the following in each package:

20 Nail tips of various sizes.
Application guidance.
Preparation wipe sachets.
Nail glue.
Nail file.
Cuticle pusher.

Please visit the Golden Triangle Nails Etsy selling page by clicking the button below:

Gel Polish

  • Fingers
    Fingers £17
  • Fingers With Nail Art
    Fingers With Nail Art £20
  • Toes
    Toes £15
  • Repair (Per Nail)
    Repair (Per Nail) £2
  • Removal
    Removal £5

Pink Cover Base

  • Simple Base
    Simple Base £18
  • Base With Gel
    Base With Gel £20
  • Base With Gel & Nail Art
    Base With Gel & Nail Art £23
  • Removal
    Removal £5

Builder Gel

  • Simple Base
    Simple Base £20
  • Base With Gel
    Base With Gel £23
  • Base With Gel & Nail Art
    Base With Gel & Nail Art £25
  • Removal
    Removal £10

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Opening Times

Our opening times vary depending on bookings. Please contact us using the form for more information.